Up to now the Moera Community Garden has been funded by donations from participants. See Accounts for full details.

If we had more money we could:

  • Install a rain tank next to the Hall
  • Put in a sign about the garden out in front of the "bunker".
  • Buy more gardening bits and pieces (tools, tressles etc)
  • Pay for more compost, irrigation bits as needed.
  • And...?

Funding applications lodged

Council grants

There are some pro's and cons of going after council grants:

  • Pro - allows us to do more and faster
  • Con - funding it all ourselves provides stronger community bonding
  • Pro - installing a rain tank is probably too expensive for our current group, so a grant might be compulsory to make it happen
  • Con - applying for grants takes non-gardening time (any volunteers?)
  • What else?

Grants available:

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