27 June 2009

Gwen, Mary and Yung Mai clearing out the old tomato plants.
Gwen, Mary and Yung Mai clearing out the old tomato plants.

Paul, Sam and Alex added more used coffee to the compost, turned the first pile and added some mulch.

Mary, Yung Mai and her friend Gwen picked some broccoli, pulled out the dead tomatoes and did a bit of weeding. Paul trimmed the edges.

Also: yesterday Michelle received final approval for painting the mural on the bunker. The actual painting will probably wait until the start of the next school term (20 July).

20 June 2009

The weather was so bad we canceled.

13 June 2009

Garden looking a bit wet.
Garden looking a bit wet.

Paul checked on the gardens whilst everyone else stayed under cover.

The compost is still cooking happily.

The tomatoes were killed off by frost.
The tomatoes were killed off by frost.

6 June 2009

Martin, Sam, Kriya, Mary, plus Elton and Alex in the shade by the compost.
Martin, Sam, Kriya, Mary, plus Elton and Alex in the shade by the compost.

We collected a full load of used coffee from Ripe and added it to the compost (and turned the compost too).

Then we headed 'round to Paul's house for a planning session:

  • Martin will follow-up with the Council on letting us take over responsibility for managing weeds in the lawn around the. The Council uses weed spray - which we'd like to do without.
  • Mary's organic weed treatment:
    1. 8 parts lime
    2. 4 parts dodlmite
    3. 1 part phosphate
    4. apply 80ml per square m
  • Chester has offered to host a visit in late July to see his garden.
  • Kriya and Liz would be interested in adopting a plot if possible (There is one being reserved for the Randwick School students who paint the mural, after which it may need adoption).

31 May 2009

Mural design for garden side of the bunker.
Mural design for garden side of the bunker.

Randwick School children have created this design for the garden side of the bunker. It has been submitted to Vector Power Company (who own the bunker) for approval.

Some more details will be added to the final mural, such as little hands forming flowers around the base and possibly different cultural designs along the 'road'. Anyway this picture gives you a fair idea of the finished design.

Petone artist Phill Waddington is helping coordinate the children. Funding is coming from Hutt City Council. Michelle Ducat is the Moera Community Garden coordinator for the project.

30 May 2009

Adam, Matt and Yung Mai looking for weeds.
Adam, Matt and Yung Mai looking for weeds.

Matt, Alex, Paul, Adam, Yung Mai and Mary tidied up the gardens, harvested some brocolli and planted a few garlic.

Mary demonstrated how she plants garlic:

  • a layer of straw (on top of anything)
  • a row of compost
  • place a segment of garlic (preferably large segments from the outside of a clove) pointy end up into the compost half way
  • add another layer of straw
  • that's it - all done, until you pick them.

25 May 2009

Paul went to the Wellington regional community gardens hui. It was attended by over 60 gardeners (twice as many as the organisers expected). The discussions were mainly focused on Wellington community garden issues (a lot of red tape - six month process). There was a lot of enthusiasm for another get together.

One suggestion of interest: an arborist at the meeting said that if anyone wanted free mulch they should call any local arborist - because they will have plenty to get ride of.

23 May 2009

Adam, Karyn, Jas and Finn.
Adam, Karyn, Jas and Finn.

It was a wild, wet and windy Saturday (followed by an even wilder Sunday). A few hardy souls had a quick look, then retreated back to warm homes.

16 May 2009

We had a discussion meeting at Paul and Michelle's house. The agenda was:

  1. Do we need a more formal structure? The consensus was - not at the moment, but we do need to have a planning/discussion meeting once a month. We settled on the first Saturday of the month, 11am at someone's house.
  2. Finances Martin is going to become a third signatory for our bank account.

[More details from the meeting soon.]

9 May 2009

Planting more veges in the new beds.
Planting more veges in the new beds.

After a day of heavy rain the sun came out on Saturday. We planted lettuce in Bed "G" (furthest from the bunker).

Planting more veges in the new beds.
Planting more veges in the new beds: Alex, Martin, Mary, Yung Mei and Kriya.

And planted some leeks in Bed "C".

See Martin's plan sketch.

2 May 2009

We worked on a winter planting plan.

30 April 2009

We now have a bank account: "Moera Community Garden", Kiwibank account number 38-9009-0222583-00.

Paul and Matt set up the account to allow us to bank the grant for $380.69 we received from the Community Engagement Fund for use in building the latest four beds. We also banked the Vogel Trust grant of $250 (to go towards a rainwater collection system).

Paul also deposited $68 in cash that he was holding.

This means you can donate money to us very easily - just deposit it into Kiwibank account number 38-9009-0222583-00. Thanks if you do!

The account currently has Matt and Paul as signatories. We'll add Martin to the list so that any two signatories can withdraw money when needed.

Harvest Celebration and Food Bank Drive, 26 April 2009.
Harvest Celebration and Food Bank Drive, held 26 April 2009 at the Moera
Community Hall.

26 April 2009

We held a Fresh food drive & autumn harvest celebration from 12 till 3pm in the Community Hall. Just over 30 people attended and we collected a great bounty of "harvest" food which was donated to the Lower Hutt Food Bank.

Amanda & Shaun on flute & guitar provided lively entertainment. The women from the Upper Hutt Weavers and Spinners group demonstrated spinning wool on foot powered looms.

Thanks to Elton and Martin for all the hard work planning.

Moera families enjoyed a community pot luck dinner in the Hall.

Then in the evening we held a Community Pot Luck Dinner, also in the Hall. There were about 40 people from local 10 families.

25 April 2009

More planting in the new beds. Also turned the compost pile. And a bit more planning discussion for the events on the 26th.

Here's a slide show Paul made showing the progress since September 2008.

If you are unable to view video try the Picasa version.

We also received a grant from the Vogel Trust of $250 to help go towards a rainwater collection system. Originally Paul suggested a grand vision of a large 10,000 litre tank, but that would cost several thousand dollars - so we'll need to be a bit more modest.

Lots of activity on another sunny day in Moera.

18 April 2009

It was a stunningly beautiful day with a few fresh faces; welcome Annette, Duncan and Yung-mae.

We tidied up some of the "old" beds and planted new seeds and seedlings. Mary worked on replanting two of the truck tires.

We also installed drip tape in the 4 new beds.

Then we discussed plans for the Harvest Festival and Pot Luck Dinner next Sunday.

Following our labours we enjoyed a pot luck lunch at Martins house - featuring a salad with Community Garden lettuce.

Two of the zucchini plants are still producing bright yellow fruit.

11 April 2009

A small turnout (Martin, Mary, Alex & Liz), and sorry no photos. Pea straw put on remaining new beds. Moera-sourced silver beet sown in western-most new bed, green beans sown in southern-most new bed. Silver-beet also sown in bottom southeast bed (ie, nearest hall & substation). All these lines marked with sticks (but could have blown/fallen over).

Subject to confirmation with others - try to avoid sowing anything new in the beds currently housing (still-producing) zucchini & broccoli plants. Lettuces have gone in there recently, but once the zucchini & broccoli die off completely, we plant unused parts of these beds in green manure crop (Mary has) - to replenish the soil.

New bed borders positioned behind the existing four beds, irrigation tubing
being connected, and first new bed being filled with soil.

4 April 2009

We installed 4 new beds today, using 3 cubic metres of soil paid for with with a grant from the Community Engagement Fund - thanks!

Martin laying cardboard and newspaper as a base for the no-dig beds, as
Chester shovels soil.

We had a small amount of soil left over which we'll add as the beds settle.

Four new beds completed.

The third photo shows the concrete bunker which will have a mural painted on it during the next school term. The artwork will be a collaboration between local school, kindergarten and kohunga kids and Petone artist Phil Waddington.

Chatting at the garden before we head off to build bed borders.

28 March 2009

We all met up at the garden to admire the veges.

We also discussed the idea of buying a weed eater to make the chore of trimming the edges easier. No decision was made. We'll need to revisit this question again later.

Then we headed over to Paul's house to build another two bed borders.

Chester, Charlotte, Martin, Alex, Raewyn (and friend) Elton and Adam.

21 March 2009

We all met up at the garden to admire the progress.

The new tomatoes are looking very healthy - a far cry from the shriveled specimens from our first planting back in Oct/Nov. The general consensus is that the compost/soil we used needs more time to settle down before planting tomatoes. Zucchinis on the other hand were, and still are, unstoppable.

Harvested: more zucchini, some herbs, peas. There's a pumpkin that is looking very healthy too - it might be ready in a few weeks.

Elton, Alex, Martin, Chester (hoping for a late sun tan) pulling nails from
old pallet boards.

Then we walked over to Paul's house to build our next raised bed borders.

Two built - two to go.

Matt harvesting some more zuchini. Alex and Elton check the compost.

14 March 2009

Josephine in Mason St donated her compost pile to the community garden - thanks! Matt, Paul, Alex and Elton used our spare wheely bin to move the pile into our compost station. This will provide more good soil for the new beds when they are installed.

Meanwhile Martin, Mary and Kriya tended the garden.

Harvested: more zucchini.

Liz and Karin chatting in the garden.

7 March 2009

A good few hours work today with seven adults and two children around at various stages. The showers stayed away, and the overcast skies kept it cool - getting a bit muggy. Double-circuit loops of drip tape were put into the two remaining larger beds. They work well, but remember to turn tap on only about 1/3 turn to get enough water through. There is a low-pressure valve on the tap now, but it still shouldn't be turned on full.

We also topped up some of the beds with more compost. Mary came prepared with clippers and trimmed round edges, so beds are looking tidier.

Harvested: good solid looking carrots, last (?) bed of potatoes, silver beet, coriander seeds, and basil. And the large fennel plant came out, to leave room for the parsley and pea to grow.

The garden got lot's of water today.

28 Feb 2009

Despite the rain Liz, Kriya, Matt and Karin all turned up to check on the garden. Paul waited til it reduced to a light drizzle before popping out to take the photo.

The zucchinis keep on coming.

We didn't install drip tape today - that can wait till next week.

25 Feb 2009

Our application to the Hutt City Council's Community Engagement Fund 2009, was successful! We asked for $380 to install 4 new beds.

Kriya, Rea, Martin and Paul (behind the camera) installed drip tape in two beds.

21 Feb 2009

After a very wet start to the day the sun came out just before our 10am start.

We did a little more harvesting, cleared out a few plants that had done their season, and installed drip tape in the first and fourth beds. Once all the beds are done we'll be able to water the whole garden by simply turning on the tap for a while.

The drip tape is hidden just below the pea straw mulch so the water goes straight to the roots. None is lost to evaporation.

Kriya planted some lettuce and broccoli seeds along the hall side of the fourth bed.

Chester trimming the edges, Alex turning the compost and Kriya keeping an
eye on things.

14 Feb 2009

The weeks rain was a welcome change from last weekends hot temperatures.

Alex, Paul and Chester turned the compost pile (from bay 1 over to bay 2). Sam supplied water from his hose next door - so the compost is now damp - which should speed decomposition up more.

Kriya brought some produce from her organics course to share.

The zucchinis haven't quite retired for the season - there's a few more budding. They should be ready to pick by next weekend.

Chester has volunteered to prepare a planting plan for autumn/winter. Send your planting ideas to: ch_alr at paradise • net • nz

Alex watering the garden on a stinking hot day. The next day peaked at just
over 30 degrees in the shade according to Paul's weather station.

7 Feb 2009

Alex and Paul built slats for the front of the second compost bay. The first bay is now full and we're filling the second. We should probably be adding some more brown/woody material to that pile.

Krea brought along some spare seedlings to plant and did a quick audit of our plots. [I'll add that info soon. Paul]

Karin and Matt popped by with some spare produce from their own and a friends garden - to share around.

The last of the zucchinis have been harvested. Now it's time to start thinking about our second planting season.

Another beautiful day in the garden for Karin, Mary, Alex and Elton.
(Larger image)

31 Jan 2009

Mary and Karin tended the garden and trimmed the edges.

Paul, Alex and Elton built some front slats to allow the first compost pile to be filled up. During the week someone had supplied extra woody material from the surrounding trees which should help to balance the compost pile.

Some more zuchini's were harvested. Liz added them to a salad we enjoyed at the pot luck lunch.

After lunch we discussed applying for the Hutt City Community Engagement Fund - here's our application.

24 Jan 2009

Paul took a quick photo early in the morning before heading off for a holiday at Kaitoki - leaving the garden to the rest of the group to tend.

It threatened to rain all day - but never did.

17 Jan 2009

Some zuchini's have been harvested. More to come.

10 Jan 2009

Raewyn, Paul and Mary tended the garden and trimmed the edges.

Look at the Pōhutukawa this week! (Larger image)

3 Jan 2009

Paul and Adam braved another drizzly day to check on the garden. One thing is certain - water has not been a problem.

There are a lot of cabbages almost ready to harvest (should be ready by the 10 Jan).

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